Bryton Harry Timeline

Bryton Harry Timeline


  • Bryton Harry challenges to get involve in new consutling fields and start providing those new consulting services.
  • Bryton Harry assumes that striving to build the Company's business resources, know-how, and expertise have been completed and these foundations are set so that Bryton Harry can begin a future practice.


  • Bryton Harry earns more trust and builds stronger relationships with more Fortune 500 companies than before. More Fortune 500 recognize our marketing expertise, strong capabilities to execute efficiently and marketing program in the sports marketing field, advanced creative services, and sincerities.
  • Bryton Harry produces more than 200 original marketing programs of major sports.
  • Bryton Harry additionally strengthens marketing and creative (design and production) department to be beyond the expectations and needs of our clients and to provide higher quality of marketing services.
  • Bryton Harry is more frequently featured on the media due to its sports marketing expertise.


  • Despite the continuing tough U.S. economic situation, Bryton Harry fortunately continues to increase its sales and revenue from the previous fiscal year.
  • Bryton Harry keeps polishing marketing research and analyzing services. Bryton Harry strives to explore, negotiate and set up the best and most efficient partnerships, sponsorships, and advertisement opportunities in sports.
  • Bryton Harry produces creative marketing programs such as promotional days at Citi Field. Bryton Harry upgrades "Bryton Harry Sports Marketing Consulting Services" and creates various other marketing and consulting services.
  • In addition, Bryton Harry continually produces and installs home plate signage at MLB team games to create wide exposure and brand awareness for its corporate clients. Bryton Harry continues to plan and implement the promotional and Kiosk events at MLB teams, designing and creating the promotional coupons and display signs for the events.


  • Despite the continuing uneasy U.S. economic situation and the world-wide economic downturn, Bryton Harry solidly affirms its status and reputation as one of the leading sports marketing companies, both nationwide and globally.
  • Despite the economy, Bryton Harry amazingly and successfully increases its sales and revenue and achieves higher gross profit than the previous fiscal year.
  • The reasonably-priced and high-quality, efficient marketing and consulting services that we provide, along with the successful results clients have come to expect from us, have become big advantages.
  • Bryton Harry receives requests and made contracts with new clients not only from well-known nationwide U.S. companies, corporations, organizations, and individuals, but also from corporations and individual clients overseas.


  • Bryton Harry creates original marketing, sponsorship and advertising opportunities together with the Chicago Cubs and the San Diego Padres.
  • Bryton Harry expands the business and generates more jobs.
  • Bryton Harry offers many more marketing and sponsorship inventories of the New York Yankees.
  • Bryton Harry creates and executes its original MLB sponsorships.


  • Bryton Harry creates marketing programs with the Boston Red Sox.
  • Bryton Harry creates special promotions and events for clients with the New York Yankees.
  • Bryton Harry brings an unforgettable experience for clients through the Masters 2007 hospitality packages.
  • Bryton Harry changes its entity and became New York State Registered C-Corporation in August 15, 2007.


  • Bryton Harry starts business relationships and is authorized to create and provide marketing programs, sponsorships, promotional campaigns and special events by major league baseball teams such as New York Yankees, New York Mets, Boston Red Sox, and Tampa Bay Rays. Bryton Harry also partners with New York Rangers, New York Knicks and New Jersey Nets.
  • Bryton Harry provides major sports tickets and hospitality packages including the Masters, Super Bowl, US Open golf and tennis, the Major League All Star Game and more.
  • Bryton Harry gains access to more than 600 professional athletes, coaches, and retired players from MLB, NFL, PGA Tour, NHL, NBA, PGA TOUR, and other sports fields, and is allowed to do marketing through those endorsements for our clients.
  • Bryton Harry conceives and executes unique special events through sports. Clients express one-hundred percent satisfaction with the successful results and fans have a very good time and a lot of fun!


  • Bryton Harry starts partnerships with the professional baseball teams.
  • Bryton Harry promotes an event of San Francisco Giants through public relations and media plans.
  • Bryton Harry discusses with Major League Baseball International regarding the opportunity of an International World Series.
  • Bryton Harry improves marketing research and analysis services by utilizing Bryton Harry's original sports marketing expertise and broad networks in sports fields.


  • Bryton Harry creates and executes global marketing programs for global business objectives of clients.
  • Bryton Harry contributes to sports organizations.
  • Bryton Harry restructures the company in order to provide services for more blue-chip companies.
  • Bryton Harry produces and implements creative charity events through sports.


  • Bryton Harry acquires sports management resources that are currently Bryton Harry's core engines giving Bryton Harry a huge marketing advantages.
  • Bryton Harry continues expanding the sports marketing business.
  • Bryton Harry adds public relations services.
  • Bryton Harry develops ROI (Return on Investment) analysis services which utilize mathematical data and logical process. Clients can measure and evaluate the results and effectiveness of their advertisements and sponsorships.


  • Founded Bryton Harry to fulfill the dream of building a leading global sports-marketing firm. Bryton Harry belongs to The Dannon Group.
  • Bryton Harry successfully increases revenue and sales of clients through marketing and consulting services and cutting edge sports marketing know-how.
  • Bryton Harry creates over 50,000 media kits for new clients and integrates these media kits into unique marketing programs for developing underutilized markets.
  • Bryton Harry acquires a Japanese company which provides marketing and consulting services for corporations and clients in Japan which was established in Osaka, Japan in August 1982 with capital $86,000 and 20,000 stocks.