BRYTON HARRY INC. is a Management Consulting Firm that produces measurable results for our Clients. We deliver innovative solutions used in business management and financial analysis while optimizing Clients' procedures dramatically and helping Clients to achieve their objectives sincerely.

Bryton Harry energizes through a unique blend of creativity, inspiration and consulting expertise, consistently delivering innovative solutions.

Our services include Business Management Consulting, Financial Analysis, Research and Development, and a full spectrum of keen skills to assist our Clients with increasing level of performances.

Financial Analysis

Bryton Harry Financial Analysis

Financial Analysis
As owners of baseball teams want to get to know level of their business performances, Bryton Harry executed financial analysis and visualized it for Client to deeply understand the accurate financial situations of their company.
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BRYTON HARRY INC. has received Acclaims by Top Executives. More >>

Bryton Harry Upgraded and Made Available Over 200 Marketing Programs to Clients. See press release >>

Bryton Harry Planned and Organized Promotional Events. More >>

Bryton Harry Devised and Conducted Unique TV Advertisement Plans. More >>

Bryton Harry Produced New York Mets Marketing Programs for Clients. More >>

MLB Marketing Case Studies

Bryton Harry TB Rays Marketing Case Studies

Tampa Bay Rays
Bryton Harry executed marketing programs and promotions integrated with retail stores. The Tampa Bay Rays is the MLB team with the most Yankees and Red Sox games.

NFL Marketing Case Studies

NFL Marketing Case Studies

Marketing through NFL teams
From a marketing and sponsorship perspective, NFL teams are aggressive and innovative marketers. Contact Us >>

NBA Marketing Case Studies

NBA Marketing Case Studies

Bryton Harry Corporate Events
We've studied the sales/marketing philosophy of NBA teams to better weave your message into the right marketing mix. Contact Us >>

NHL Marketing Case Studies

NHL Marketing Case Studies

New York Rangers

Strengthen your brand and win the hearts of fans with the fashionable marketing resources of the New York Rangers. Contact Us >>


The Masters

The Masters
Feeling the exhilarating emotions at the destination of your dreams, Augusta National. Bryton Harry will coordinate an unforgettable Masters experience for you!
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US Open Tennis

US Open was held at Flushing Meadows, New York August 26 — September 9, 2013. This big tennis event have been attracting many fans and sponsors. More >>